WiFi Technology in 2023 – Pocket WiFi FAQs

WiFi Technology in 2023 – Pocket WiFi FAQs

WiFi Technology in 2023 – Pocket WiFi FAQs, Why can’t WiFi access the Internet? How to query the WiFi device number? How to solve the problem of weak WiFi signal?

1. Device binding

1. How do I know my device number or recharge number?

Answer: You can find the device number/recharge number next to the barcode on the back of the device; both can be used to bind the device.

2. Unable to access the Internet

1. No signal


(a) It is recommended that you try again in a different location, such as by a window or outdoors, and then try again;

(b) There may be no 4G signal coverage or weak network signal in rural areas and remote mountainous areas;

(c) Changing the base station during high-speed movement will cause the device to go offline.


2. The device has not been recharged, has expired or has not verified its name

Answer: Please check whether the equipment package is valid and confirm whether you have registered your real name


3. High-risk areas

Answer: In order to implement the State Council’s special action to crack down on new types of illegal and criminal telecommunication networks, high-risk areas cannot be used. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has decided that high-risk risk control areas “Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong Maoming, Qingyuan and other regions cannot be used.

WiFi tech 2023

WiFi tech 2023

3. Slow internet speed

1. Weak signal

Answer: You can check the signal value of the device in the official account column. If the signal is weak, you may not be able to communicate with the server and the base station. It is recommended that you change the location and try again, such as by a window or outdoors, and try again.


2. Long distance

Answer: The distance between the Internet access device and the portable Wi-Fi should not exceed 15 meters, and there should be no solid walls blocking the Wi-Fi signal. This device is a mobile data terminal, and its transmission power complies with the national standard. Therefore, distance and obstacles will affect the Wi-Fi signal strength, resulting in a decrease in network speed.


3. Multiple connected devices

Answer: There are too many connected devices, which will occupy traffic resources. You can disconnect some devices and then observe the change of network speed.


4. Base station capacity is too saturated

Answer: Please avoid using it in areas near train stations, airports, convention and exhibition centers, sports centers, etc. where there are relatively concentrated traffic. Or please try later.


4. Can’t connect to WiFi

1. Wifi hotspot hidden

Answer: You can enter the official account, click “Device Management”, find the corresponding device, and check the status of the hotspot. If it is hidden, please manually add WiFi on the Internet device, or turn on the “Hotspot switch” to connect to the corresponding WiFi.


2. Forget hotspot name


a. The device does not support viewing WiFi information on the main interface:

You can view WiFi related information and modify WiFi related information in the main interface.

b. The device does not support viewing WiFi information on the main interface:

If the WiFi information has not been modified, the WiFi name and password can be found on the back of the device; if the WiFi information has been modified, the device needs to press and hold “RESET” (there is a pinhole-sized hole on the device, when it is powered on) for five seconds clock, let the device settings return to the factory state, and then press the WiFi information on the back of the device to connect.


5. Other issues

1. Why do you need a real name?

Answer: Based on the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the importance and particularity of the network services provided by this platform, users must agree to provide detailed, true and accurate personal information. The platform must protect the user’s personal privacy information such as ID card number and mobile phone number, and promises not to intentionally disclose, rent or sell the user’s personal information to any third party without authorization. If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, the platform reserves the right to terminate the user’s use of related services.

2. How to activate and renew?

Answer: Enter the official account of Yunling Information, click the “Real Name Recharge” button to log in to the account, and then choose to purchase the corresponding package.

3. Can I continue to recharge before the expiration date?

Answer: Yes, if the package has not expired and the new recharge package, the package validity period of the device will be superimposed.

4. Why can’t I connect to the Internet after the renewal is successful?WiFi Technology in 2023 - Pocket WiFi FAQs

WiFi Technology in 2023 – Pocket WiFi FAQs


Answer: Please make sure you are in a better network environment, wait a minute or two after the renewal, or restart the device to connect to the Internet. If you still cannot access the Internet according to the above operations, it is recommended to contact the official account online customer service.

5. How long does it take to get the account after recharging?

Answer: Generally, the account will be credited immediately. If there is a delay, you can contact the online customer service to process the recovery.

6. Can I use Alipay to recharge?

Answer: Currently not supported.

7. Is there a monthly rental for this equipment?

Answer: There is no monthly rent for the equipment, you only need to recharge the package to use it.

8. If the device is lost and a new device is bought, can the traffic of the original device be replenished to buy a new device?

Answer: Yes, you need to provide purchase and recharge records.

9. Does the device still need to be installed with a card?

Answer: There is no need to install a card, and the device will automatically select the network according to the environment where your device is located.