RT5572 300M Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter

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Complies with IEEE802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standards.

Provide two working modes: centralized control room and peer-to-peer, 2TR dual antenna technology, built-in 21.4G/5G antenna upload and download rate, which greatly meets the requirements of user large-traffic data transmission, and adopts MIMO technology to create multiple parallel space channels, solves the problem of broadband sharing, and the wireless transmission rate is as high as 300Mbps.

CCA technology is used to automatically avoid channel interference and take full advantage of channel bundling to ensure that the use of wireless networks does not affect neighbors.

Support 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WAP2/802.1X wireless encryption mode, multi-directional protection of your wireless network from infringement and theft.

Compatible with mainstream IPTV set-top boxes, Internet TVs, network players and other devices, mobile home Internet devices at will, enjoy more fun of Internet life.

Compatible with Windows XP/WIndows Vista/Windows 7/MAC OS/Linux and other mainstream operating systems, you can use it with confidence.

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RT5572 300M Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter. The RT5572 receiver supports a Raspberry Pi laptop and can be used for kali linux WiFi penetration testing.

Kali Linux WiFi Adapter Product attributes

Brand: Wi-Fi8.CN

Model: FX-5572

Time to market: 2021

Transmission rate: 300Mbps

Interface type: USB

Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11g, 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11n

Working band: 2.4&5.8Ghz

Support protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n

Color: Black

Coverage: 100 meters

RT5572 300M Dual Band Wireless Card Wireless receiver supports Raspberry Pi computer notebook

Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter Product Description:

This product is a dual-band wireless card combining the latest 11A and 11N wireless technology, which can search for network signals in the 2.4G and 5G bands at the same time, and use the 5GHz channel to transmit data with low interference and excellent performance.Kali Linux USB wifi adapter RT5572Kali Linux USB wifi adapter RT5572


In response to the surge in network data, the new generation of 802.11a wireless transmission technology, compared with the existing 11n technology, the 5GHz transmission rate has been greatly increased by nearly 3 times, allowing you to enjoy high-speed Internet surfing like wired networks wirelessly, whether it is Online Game or high-quality video and audio, the data transmission quality is more perfect, so activate the 5GHz band superspeed Internet surfing, 11a is of course the best choice.

At the same time, it also supports the analog AP hotspot function to convert the wired network into wireless signal output; With a simple AP mode setting, the NIC is used as an AP route.

What is the rt5572 wireless WiFi adapter?

RT5572 5G dual-band USB WIFI wireless card linux penetration test.

Introduction to WPA/WPA2

WPA, known as Wi-Fi Protected Access, has WPA and WPA2 standards, is a system for protecting wireless computer networks (Wi-Fi), which is generated in response to several serious weaknesses found by researchers in the previous generation of system wired equivalent encryption (WEP).

WPA implements most of the IEEE 802.11i standard and is a transitional alternative to WEP until 802.11i is complete.RT5572 300M dual-band USB Kali Linux network card

WPA is designed to be used on all wireless cards, but not necessarily at the first generation of wireless access points.

WPA2 has a complete standard system, but it cannot be used on some older network cards.

WPA is a standards-based, interoperable WLAN security-enhancing solution that significantly enhances the level of data protection and access control for existing and future wireless LAN systems.

WPA is derived from the IEEE802.11i standard under development and will remain forward compatible with it. When properly deployed, WPA guarantees that WLAN users’ data is protected and that only authorized network users can access the WLAN network.RT5572 300M

Due to the proven insecurity of WEP, WPA is used to provide users with a temporary solution until the 802.11i protocol is perfected.RT5572 300M Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter

RT5572 300M Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter


The standard uses the TKIP protocol (Temporary Key Integrity Protocol), and there are two modes of authentication to choose from, one is authentication using the 802.1x protocol, and the other is called Pre-Shared Key PSK (Pre-Shared Key) mode.

Here are a few wireless WiFi adapters recommended for wifi penetration testing, and the Kali Linux platform is used.

Recommended wireless WiFi adapters for Kali Linux penetration testing in 2023

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6 reviews for RT5572 300M Kali Linux Wireless WiFi Adapter

  1. Nikolay Y.

    Tested for 2.4G and 5G. Available for BMW ICOM WiFi

  2. ReinaldoK

    Supported systems are Win7/Win8/Win10/Kail/Linux/CentOS/Ubuntu

  3. DBA

    The product is good, I bought 2 but it stopped working after 5 days of use. At least you can still use monitor mode. The other one is still good.

  4. stefano F.

    Very good product, delivering on promises, encapsulated injection as I wished, suitable for Kali. The claim is a seller shipping delay with a shipping time of 1 week, but no problem.

  5. Viktoria U.

    Excellent seller, even if there is a problem in your city: always the device can use wifislax and Linux

  6. Jack Senwaltz

    hello bro
    How do I install the ralink RT5572 Linux driver?

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