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Intel AX200 Series (with Killer Wireless Network Adapter)

Intel AX200 Series (with Killer Wireless Network Adapter)

Intel’s AX200 is the absolute workhorse of the WiFi6 wireless network adapter in the past two years, and was once the only choice of WiFi6 wireless network adapter.

Intel is also indispensable for everyone to use WiFi6 on their computers.

The AX200 also continues the good reputation of Intel wireless network adapters, both in terms of performance and price to win everyone’s recognition.

Intel is a true love for the wireless network adapter product line, no wonder some people ridicule Intel is actually a wireless network adapter company.

Performance parameters for the AX200

To understand the parameters of the AX200, it is necessary to understand the models of the AX200 series.

I’m used to calling Intel’s AX2XX the AX200 series, but there are 4 main models: AX200, AX201, AX210, AX211.

The unified parameters of these 4 models are:

  • WiFi specifications: AX3000, 5G band supports 160MHz bandwidth.
  • Integrated Bluetooth.
  • Only win10 and win11 systems are supported.

Different parameters can be distinguished by naming:

The second number: 0 stands for WiFi6; 1 stands for WiFi6E.

The difference between AX200, AX201 and AX210 and AX211 is that AX210 and AX211 support WiFi6E, that is, support 6G band.

The third number: 1 indicates the use of Intel’s unique CNVio2 protocol, which can only be used on Intel 10th generation CPUs and above.

AX200 and AX210 platforms have stronger applicability, that is, they support more than 10 generations of CPUs, and also support old platforms before 10 generations; Also available on newer AMD platforms;

AX201 and AX211 use the CNVio2 protocol, which is equivalent to Intel dividing a complete network card into two, one part is integrated in the CPU, and one part is made into a network card module; Therefore, AX201 and AX211 are not complete network cards and cannot be used without Intel CPUs.Intel AX200 Series (with Killer Wireless Network Adapter)

In addition, the Bluetooth specifications are different:

AX200 series supports slightly different Bluetooth protocols, some are Bluetooth 5.1, some are Bluetooth 5.2; and due to different shipping batches, the same AX200 module, the earlier batch is 5.1, the latest batch is already Bluetooth 5.2.

For Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.2, there is no difference in personal use, friends with special needs for Bluetooth, remember to pay attention when purchasing.

What is the actual rate of the AX200?

Because AX200 supports 160MHz bandwidth, the WiFi negotiation rate of the 5G band is 2402Mbps, and in actual use, the actual rate is about 1.7Gbps.

This rate is more than the bandwidth of most homes, and even if gigabit broadband has recently become available, it can be full.

From the speed point of view, it can already be comparable to the network cable;

However, as a wireless transmission, there are also inherent problems with wireless, and the rate decreases with increasing distance.

killer WiFi6 network WiFi adapter

The killer brand is now owned by Intel, and the killer’s 4 models of WiFi6 network cards (1650X, 1650i, 1675X, and 1675i) correspond one-to-one with the Intel AX200 series, and the hardware is exactly the same.

The advantage of killer network card is in the powerful playability, with killer network card control software, can achieve many high-level functions, very suitable for gamers, digital enthusiasts.killer WiFi6 network WiFi adapter

For the average user, the AX200 Series is sufficient. Since the hardware of the two is completely the same, AX200 has the opportunity to become a killer network card, please search for the tutorial yourself.

Price action for the AX200

In the past year, the price of AX200 has gone out of a crazy roller coaster.

At last year’s low, an AX200 module only cost about $8; An equipment manufacturer makes a finished PCIe network card.

Since this year, the AX200 has been massively out of stock, and the price has skyrocketed, more than 3 times higher than at the low;

The finished PCIe AX200 network card of the network card equipment manufacturer has been collectively out of stock;

AX200 out of stock market, I don’t know when it can be alleviated…

The shortcomings of the AX200

Although AX200 is currently the strongest WiFi6 network card, there is also a disadvantage to point out:

Only win10/11 systems are supported:

The shortcomings of the AX200
This is completely Intel’s pot, not opening win7 and other system drivers, resulting in some old computers that are inconvenient to upgrade the system and WiFi6. In order to promote Win10, Intel abandoned old users and needed to denounce;
Out of stock critically:
This is not actually the shortcomings of the AX200 itself, but in the entire semiconductor industry, the current situation of core shortage feels difficult to alleviate in the short term.
4.6 Price

At the end of this chapter, let’s talk about the price of the Intel AX200 series, in the current market, the approximate price is as follows:

Single module: about 158 yuan;
Finished PCIe network card: about 178 yuan;

The price of killer network cards is much more expensive than Intel:

killer 1650X:
1650X single module about 300 yuan; The price of different sellers fluctuates greatly.

killer 1650i:
There should not be many channels for 1650i, and the price is relatively unreliable, so there is no need to choose this model;

killer 1675X: about 285 yuan for a single module;

killer 1675i:
As with the 1650i, consider buying several other models first.

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