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Top 10 brands of the best wireless adapters in 2023

Top 10 brands of the best wireless adapters in 2023. Top 10 brands of wireless network cards. What brand of WiFi adapter is better? What are the brands of wireless WiFi adapters? Want to know what brand of network card is better?

Top 10 brands of the best wireless adapters in 2023 - USB wireless network card, desktop computer notebook network signal receiver, WIFI6 Gigabit 5G free drive

Top 10 brands of the best wireless adapters in 2023 – desktop computer notebook network signal receiver


Top 10 brands of the best wireless adapters in 2023

The author of Wi-Fi8.CN brand network has sorted out the top ten brands of wireless network cards in 2023 for everyone, hoping to help you choose what brand of wireless network card is better.

Want to know what brand of network card is better?

1, Intel Intel (founded in California in 1968, the world’s largest microprocessor manufacturer)


WiFi8.CN has reached friendly cooperative relations with China and various router manufacturers and wireless WiFi adapter manufacturers around the world to provide wireless products for global users.

3. D-Link (leading wireless network brand, Taiwan’s first publicly listed network company, Taiwan brand, Youxun Group).

4. ASUS ASUS (one of the world’s largest 500 companies, the world’s top 100 IT, one of the largest board computer manufacturers, ASUS Group).

5, Linksys (belongs to the brand of Cisco Corporation of California, the most professional broadband and wireless router manufacturer).

6. Tenda TENDA (professional network product manufacturer, the first domestic R & D and production of routers, Shenzhen Jixiang Tenda Technology).1300M USB wireless card WIFI5

1300M USB wireless card WIFI5


7. Huawei (China’s well-known trademark, top ten network card brands, China’s most patented unit, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.).

8. Netcore Leike (internationally renowned professional data communication manufacturer, well-known brand in the industry, Shenzhen Leike Industrial Co., Ltd.).

9. MERCURY (professional IP technology and product manufacturing service provider, famous brand. Hangzhou H3C Communication Technology Co., Ltd.).

10. TP-LINK (well-known network and communication brand, national high-tech enterprise, the company is located in Shenzhen, China).

1300M dual-band Gigabit USB wireless WIFI5 adapter

1300M dual-band Gigabit USB wireless WIFI5 adapter


Wireless WiFi adapter hot selling brand list introduction

Through the analysis of global e-commerce data information, the sales data of wireless brands, which of the following brands of WiFi adapters is the hottest seller?

14 wireless network card brands, although they all have wireless network card products, but all belong to the subdivisions of their actual differences, can be roughly divided into several categories.

The first type of brand: routers and other communication equipment manufacturers

TP-Link, Tengda, such manufacturers are mainly engaged in routers, switches and other communication equipment.2.4G 5.8G 1300M dual-band Gigabit USB wireless card WIFI signal receiver transmitter

2.4G 5.8G 1300M dual-band Gigabit USB wireless card WIFI signal receiver transmitter


Compared with TP-LINK’s router, sales are also very good, in the first echelon of the market, and wireless network card is more like a side product that is made of routers at the same time;

TP-LINK+Mercury, TP series WiFi products (routers, network cards) account for nearly half of the market share.

The ASUS brand is also a router manufacturer with great influence;

While 360 is doing routers, although the marketing volume of routers is relatively general, but just rely on a USB network card, you get a month of 10,000+ network card marketing volume, difficult to set;1300M Gigabit USB WIFI5 adapter

1300M Gigabit USB WIFI5 adapter


The second type of brand: wireless card vendors

Including Wi-Fi8.CN, COMFAST, EDUP Yilian, SSU, Kawang, Fenwei, are all brands that mainly do wireless network card products. This type of brand, the main business is wireless network card products.VGA TO HDMI



The third category of brands: computer accessories manufacturers

Greenlink very computer accessories accessories, business computers, business accessories accessories, almost computer accessories computers.

The fourth type of brand: online store vendors

Shengshi Changyun, in fact, is a manufacturer mainly doing the Internet, what is surprising is that its network card products, in fact, live on Tmall alone platform has 22,000+ sales, see for a little bit of me, I bar Shengshi Changyun’s network cable I have used, its network card is still the first time to see, roughly look down, its network card price is relatively low, as for the performance of the network card, there is time to buy to experience.

WIFI6 Gigabit 5G free drive

WIFI6 Gigabit 5G free drive


Next, some suggestions for the choice of wireless network card.

TP-LINK and Mercury, products of the same specification, can directly replace TP-LINK with Mercury, and the price is more advantageous;

Tengda’s network card product specifications are also relatively complete, and the appearance design of several products is also excellent;

360 only has a USB 300M network card, has been sold for about 5 years, the model is very old, although the sales volume is good, but it is not recommended for everyone to buy;cable - network-line

cable – network-line


ASUS wireless network card, and the performance performance is not other brands to pull open and pull open, price, cost performance, if pole, if pole, if pole, if pole, if it looks at the TP-LINK direct replacement, the performance ratio is higher, the performance is not worse than ASUS;

WiFi6 network card selection:

I don’t know what the reason is, the above brands are not active in the development of WiFi6 network cards, but some brands specializing in network cards have launched a large number of WiFi6 network cards, such as COMFAST, EDUP wing link WiFi6 network card models are very complete, there are a variety of interfaces, a variety of chips, a variety of appearance, a variety of specifications of WiFi6 network cards to choose from.VGA HD line

VGA HD line


Wi-Fi8.CN provide high-quality wireless WiFi products for global users, including desktop computer network cards (WiFi adapters), routers, USB data cables, HDMI digital video/audio interface output products.


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