Fiber to The Room

2000M FTTR – Home WIFI ceiling, do you understand?

2000M FTTR – Home WIFI ceiling, do you understand?

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Home networking ceiling

FTTR All-optical WIFI

Fiber-to-the-home, Gigabit everywhere, enjoy the new intelligent experience in the whole house

Have you encountered any of these problems while using the Internet at home?

1. Internet speed is too slow

Chasing dramas is always stuck, stopping at key plots, and can only switch to “smooth” mode;
He frequently dropped out of the game with his friends, and was given the nickname “Game Black Hole”.

2. Device connection limitations

Three or five friends get together at home, and even get angry when playing online games. Once there are too many device connections, the network will be congested and offline.

3. Poor WIFI coverage

From the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the toilet, every time I change rooms, the WIFI signal will leave home.

About FTTR

“Five-star Broadband Experience”

FTTR stands for Fiber to The Room, that is, fiber to the room. Through fiber optic cabling, FTTR main and sub-equipment, fiber to the room is realized, so that WIFI signals are everywhere like air.

Six Advantages · Internet Speed Takes Off

fast internet

full coverage

load well

160MHz ultra-large bandwidth guarantees gigabit network speed

Watch live broadcasts, play games, visit Taobao, and watch dramas in 4K

Get faster internet speed wherever you are

Optical fiber cabling + FTTR main and sub-equipment

Fiber to The Room - 2000M FTTR - Home WIFI ceiling, do you understand?

Fiber to The Room – 2000M FTTR – Home WIFI ceiling, do you understand?


Let WIFI signal be everywhere like air

Signal everywhere

Support up to 16 WIFI hotspots

Home Networking Ceiling - FTTR All-optical WIFI

Home Networking Ceiling – FTTR All-optical WIFI


Up to 256 smart devices can be connected

There is no need to go to a cafe to surf the Internet when you meet up with friends

full roaming

good service

beautiful enough

One network for the whole family, the signal follows wherever you go

Air conditioners, water heaters, and sweeping robots share Gigabit

Continuous signal, perfect network experience

Professional telecom smart home engineer on-site service

One household, one case, personalized plan

No modification required, professional maintenance

Concealed pipe laying or invisible fiber installation

Say goodbye to confusing lines

Neat and beautiful, does not affect the decoration style

FTTR Experience Package:

189 yuan/month 2000M bandwidth + 500 minutes of calls + mobile phone traffic (unlimited)

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