What is portable WiFi? What is best portable wifi?

What is portable WiFi? What is best portable wifi? Eight electronic devices can be connected to portable WiFi at the same time!

We are in an era of rapid development, and the Internet not only connects you and me, but also connects the world.

What is portable WiFi? What is best portable wifi?


USB WiFi - What is portable WiFi? What is best portable wifi?

USB WiFi – What is portable WiFi? What is best portable wifi?


Technology is constantly improving, can provide our network equipment is gradually enriched, such as commonly used network cards, broadband, routers, etc., in addition, there is a network equipment has also swept in, becoming a new consumer demand of young people, it is portable WiFi, today Xiaobian will talk to you about this portable WiFi.

What is portable WiFi?

Device + chip + IoT card = portable WiFi, this is its construction. It relies on chip technology, after starting the device, it can convert the traffic of the built-in IoT card into a WiFi hotspot and share it with others.

Its network sharing ability is better than mobile phones, its portability is better than broadband, and the most important thing is that people can spend less money to enjoy the same network experience as broadband and mobile phone traffic. This is why portable WiFi is popular with more and more people.

Seeing this, many people will still have a lot of doubts about this “rising star”, feeling that the traffic card can also share the network when inserted in the mobile phone, why not use the mobile phone to share WiFi? It’s like cycling on the road and driving on the road.

The traffic card is like riding a bicycle, it is very comfortable and leisurely when riding alone, and you will feel out of breath with one more person.

That is to say, the traffic card you use yourself to feel good, when you need to open a hotspot for others, the mobile phone not only consumes power quickly, but also runs very slowly.

As for driving on the road, it’s different, you can not just take one person, two, four or five people without problems.USB portable WiFi

Pocket WiFi is like driving. Most of the portable WiFi on the market can meet the simultaneous use of eight electronic devices, and the three networks (mobile, telecommunications, Unicom) pass, when one network signal is not good, you can switch to another network use, in this regard, traffic cards are incomparable.

Types of portable WiFi:

Let’s talk about the types of portable WiFi, which can be roughly divided into these three.

  • Insert card single network WIFI

In addition to the purchase of equipment, you also need to buy a separate IoT card, here the IoT card you can understand as a pure traffic card, can only be passed on a single network, that is, only a certain operator’s network, if the operator signal in your area is good, this will be a good choice. The device itself also comes with its own battery, which can be used by plugging in the card when booting, and how much traffic can be charged with how much traffic.Desktop computer USB WiFi adapter AC 600M

  • Card-free triple Netcom USB portable WIFI

This one weighs only 30 grams, and the so-called sparrow is small, but it has all the organs. Not only small and portable, the three networks can also be switched at will, do not worry about the problem of operator signals in the region, restart the device will automatically switch the optimal network channel, the network speed will be fast, and the price is more affordable. The only downside is that WiFi may not be available outdoors without power, and it needs to be plugged in to connect.

  • Portable WiFi with battery-free card

This one has more highlights and a wider range of functions:

First, no plug-in card, no need to purchase a separate IoT card, boot the device can be directly connected.

Second, the device has its own electricity, do not need to find a separate power supply to use it, not only can be connected to WiFi when booting, the device can also be used as a charging treasure to charge the mobile phone.

Third, the three networks are connected, telecommunications, mobile, and Unicom can be switched at will, and whichever signal is good can be used.Desktop computer USB WiFi adapter

Fourth, it can support the connection and use of eight electronic devices at the same time. Not only mobile phone products, cameras, intelligent robots, computer notebooks, etc. can be connected infinitely.

So how do you choose the right device for you? It can be considered from the following two points.

1. Own needs

If it is home use, store monitoring, dormitory rental or online class brushing, you can choose the USB portable WiFi without plug-in card. Small and portable, inexpensive.

If you move, don’t worry about traffic migration. The most affected thing about portable WiFi is the venue, take it to a different place to live, plug it in and continue to use it.

If you are traveling for business, travel, outdoor live broadcast, exhibition and conference, etc., you can choose to take the battery card-free three-network portable WiFi, bring your own battery, high battery life, and you can access the Internet when you turn on. In the absence of power supply outdoors, multiple devices can use WiFi normally.Portable WiFi + mobile charging treasure in one

2. Brand is key

It is important to choose a brand with a good reputation and a long operating time, which means that quality and service are guaranteed.

Because portable WiFi is a long-term product, if you charge a two-year plan for data, there will be problems with the device or unstable traffic during use.

Unreliable brands may not even be able to find a purchase store, what is the after-sales service? Therefore, we must choose a brand that operates stably and has a good reputation, so that you can rest assured when you buy such products.

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