OPPO released the WiFi-6 router AX5400 in 2023

OPPO released the WiFi-6 router AX5400 in 2023

OPPO First AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Router – Official Unveiling Video (China).

News on February 28, OPPO released its first home device Wi-Fi router at MWC 2023, hoping to bring a seamless and reliable network connection experience to users’ homes.

It is understood that OPPO’s first Wi-Fi router is OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400, which supports Wi-Fi 6 protocol and is configured with a transmission speed of 4800Mbps + 600Mbps with a total of 5400Mbps, which can bring efficient, stable and smooth network connections to users.OPPO released the WiFi-6 router AX5400 in 2023

OPPO released the WiFi-6 router AX5400 in 2023


The OPPO Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400 adopts a different design scheme from traditional routers in terms of appearance, this product is inspired by the minimalist style in the modern home, and brings a symmetrical appearance through the use of multiple curves.

The appearance expression of the cylinder-like can be better matched with the home environment. The classic design of black and white can also be better integrated into the user’s home furnishings.

OPPO equipped this OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 with a chimney-type external structure design, which hides the external antenna of the traditional router design under a translucent cylindrical shell, and the shell presents the shape of a chimney, which can form a certain air pressure difference inside and outside the device, which is conducive to air circulation.

This shape design combined with a series of internal heat dissipation materials can bring better heat dissipation performance to this router and prevent overheating during daily use.

In the overall configuration, OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 adopts Qualcomm IPQ5018 chip, equipped with 4 high-gain antennas and 6 independent signal amplifiers, equipped with a 2.5G network port and two Gigabit network ports, all network ports support WAN/LAN blind plugging, users no longer need to do interface differentiation, plug and play.

OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 is also optimized for the use of users, according to OPPO’s introduction, OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 can be Wi-Fi network settings, parental control, firewall and other functions through the exclusive OPPO Connect APP.

Its built-in OPPO self-developed anti-interference algorithm can also provide more stable network transmission capabilities after the user turns it on.

The new OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 uses the Qualcomm® 216 immersive home networking platform, which supports the Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 standard and 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual bands.OPPO WiFi 6 router

OPPO First AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Router – Official Unveiling Video (China)


The combination of high-gain antenna and OPPO’s self-developed anti-interference algorithm and network directional acceleration technology makes Wi-Fi coverage longer, more stable connection, and faster speed.

And its most characteristic is the appearance design, hide the elegant cylindrical appearance of the antenna, so that it can become the best decoration of modern home simple and fashionable, the unique structural design helps natural heat dissipation, to ensure that the home network connection is always online and no dead ends.

This new router is very characteristic from both the perspective of functionality and design, as the promotional video writes at the end of the “free and smart connection”, its elegant appearance looks harmonious wherever you put it in the home, and its wide coverage can fully allow you to enjoy the network freely.

This router adopts a chimney-type structure design, which can effectively increase the natural wind pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, and cooperate with the internal 360° bionic curved surface structure to let the natural wind take away the heat generated by the router’s work.OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400

OPPO First AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Router – Official Unveiling Video (China)


To avoid frequency reduction and device disconnection caused by heat dissipation, 32 devices can be guaranteed to be uninterrupted 7×24 hours.

The OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router AX5400 supports Easy Mesh, which enables fast and convenient mesh networking between cross-platform and cross-brand routers, expands Wi-Fi network coverage, and allows users to enjoy a fast-speed connection experience in larger and more complex environments.

OPPO Wi-Fi 6 routers are equipped with 4 high-gain antennas and 6 independent signal amplifiers, with OPPO’s self-developed anti-interference algorithm, so that Wi-Fi signal transmission distance is longer and more stable.

In addition, OPPO’s self-developed O-RouterBoost network directional acceleration technology allows the network to quickly identify products equipped with ColorOS 13 and above, and intelligently accelerate for the three high-frequency scenarios of games, online courses, and online conferences, with up to 20% acceleration.

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