Portable wifi which brand subnet speed is good

Portable WiFi anytime, anywhere

Portable WiFi anytime, anywhere. If you want to use WiFi that can be connected anytime, anywhere, you can only use the cellular network of telecom operators, you must know that the largest coverage network is the cellular network, macro base stations, urban cells, indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, etc. composed of heterogeneous networks covering almost all aspects of our lives.

Portable WiFi anytime, anywhere

The bottom line is that as mobile networks move from 4G to 5G, speed is no longer an issue, and how to fully utilize the traffic in the monthly plan has become a problem. The rise of IoT cards has turned each gigabyte of traffic into a cabbage price.

Portable WiFi anytime, anywhere

Now that we have a comprehensive network of telecom operators, all we lack is a WiFi device that we can carry with us. 

Portable wifi which brand subnet speed is goodIf we are really worried about the insufficient battery power supply of the portable WiFi device, we can even buy USB-powered portable WiFi, and connect to the computer, charging plug, car interface, charging treasure and other power supply to provide the network for the surrounding networked devices.

Modern life is inseparable from the Internet, and there are many scenarios that need to use portable WiFi, such as outdoor live broadcasting, vehicle WiFi full coverage, party travel network sharing, and so on.

If you are worried about mobile phone card traffic, you may wish to buy a traffic card or IoT card that is simply used to surf the Internet, so that the overall tariff is cheaper.

In some construction sites and remote places where there is no office broadband, you can use a wireless router with a plug-in card to convert the mobile network to WiFi, and you can also convert the mobile network to a wired network. Of course, you have to buy a slightly larger plug-in wireless router with a network interface.

There’s an easier way to have a portable WiFi

Almost everyone now has a smartphone, and almost all smartphones have WiFi hotspots. As the name implies, it is to share the mobile network of the mobile phone to other devices, which can be shared with the computer through the USB data cable, or shared with other devices in the form of Bluetooth and WiFi. In this way, we don’t have to install anything to have a WiFi that we can carry with us, and it will take a long time to use it without bothering to bring it to a charging treasure.

Portable wifi which brand subnet speed is good

Most people’s mobile phone plans do not have a lot of data in the package, and the cost will be very high if it is exceeded, and the unlimited data plan will slow down to the point where we doubt life.

When setting up a mobile hotspot, you may wish to set a slightly more complex password, remember not to set a password, it is not safe and expensive.tp-link wifi router

Remember to turn off when you don’t use the phone hotspot, so that the phone will have more battery life.

WiFi sharing software such as WiFi Master Key can get free WiFi

Nowadays, as long as it is not in a remote area, you can search for a lot of WiFi everywhere by turning on the mobile WiFi function, and there is no doubt that you can access the Internet as long as you connect to it. So the birth of “WiFi master key” such WiFi sharing software, punch software can see the WiFi around us can be connected, click to connect, without entering the password.5g wifi

But we do not advocate the use of “WiFi master key” such WiFi sharing software, when we download and use this software, it will automatically upload the WiFi information that has been normally connected to our mobile phone to its server for others to use, so that our own WiFi becomes public WiFi, and more people connected will inevitably affect our normal Internet access.

Our use of “WiFi Master Key” is also easy to connect to phishing devices and give you free use, but it is likely that your phone’s private information has been stolen, which can seriously cause money loss. If you want others not to use their own WiFi for free, you must insist that you do not use free WiFi.


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