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Which is better, PCIE network card or USB adapter?

Which is better, PCIE network card or USB adapter? What is a network card? Network Interface Card (NIC), also known as network adapter, is a device that connects computers to the local area network.

A network card is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network. Since it has a MAC address, it belongs between layers 1 and 2 of the OSI model. It allows users to connect to each other via cable or wirelessly.

WD-4505AC dual-band wireless USB adapter

Which signal is better, PCI wireless adapter or USB wireless adapter?

There is no significant difference between the signals of PCI wireless cards and USB wireless cards.

1. In the past, more used is PCI wireless network card, the advantage is fast speed, good short-range stability behind the computer. The disadvantage is that the internal parts of the jamming machine are not adjusted constantly.

2. At present, multi-use desktop USB, adjust the direction and blind zone less, due to technical improvements, the connection speed is no longer a problem, so the desktop desktop USB wireless network card has replaced PCI.

3. If you are using a laptop, due to the placement of the desktop, the notebook uses a plastic shell, which will not affect signal transmission, so the laptop prefers a PCI card.RTL8811 600M 2.4G5G

Desktop wireless adapter Which is better PCI or USB?

The price of the 2 wired network cards is very cheap, and you can buy them for about ten dollars.

If the motherboard has a PCI slot, then it is still recommended to buy a PCI network card, which is inserted on the motherboard and is not easy to loosen, even if the network cable is accidentally dragged, it will not be loosened.

The advantage of USB wired network card is plug and play (under the premise that the network card driver has been installed), not only the desktop can be used, notebook or other desktop computers can also be used very conveniently, plug in the USB interface, the disadvantages are also obvious, the USB interface is not very tight, pull the network cable will pull the USB wired network card out.

If you want to install a wireless adapter, then you only have to buy a USB wireless adapter, search for a wireless signal to connect to it, and then enter the password to also surf the Internet, this price is slightly more expensive.


Which is better, built-in network adapter or USB network adapter?

Built-in need to buy cable extension, USB extension cable I tried to transmit photoelectric signal about 10 meters, so 2 are risky. It is recommended to buy a wireless AP directly, although it is more expensive, but convenient.
If the external USB wireless card is a 3G data card such as mobile and telecommunications.
It depends on whether there are many users using the same network in the local area, and if there are few, it will be fast. If you have more, it will be slow. Unstable, wireless LAN to install a wireless router at home.

Which is better, built-in network adapter or USB network adapter?

Which brand of wireless network card USB interface is good?

Regarding which brand of wireless adapter USB interface is good, the answer is as follows

1. Wireless network standard:

At present, the wireless LAN equipment on the market is mainly divided into 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n. Support IEEE 802.11b standard network card, the highest rate is 11Mbps, support IEEE 802.11g standard network card, the maximum rate can reach 54Mbps, and support 11n rate up to 300M, many manufacturers have eliminated 802.11b products, so when buying network cards, we can pay more attention to the other two standard products.

2. Interface mode:

At present, there are USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 products on the market that support these USB interfaces, but most of the current USB interface products have adopted USB2.0 interfaces. The USB2.0 interface standard provides 480Mbps of data communication bandwidth.

3. Transmission power:
At present, the transmission power of USB wireless network card is mostly 15~17dBm. The higher the power, the farther it can be transmitted, so we try to choose products with higher transmission power.

In particular, the recently launched antenna technology can improve the signal coverage of wireless network cards, providing new personalized options for mobile office and wireless LAN high-speed interconnection.

4. The appearance of USB wireless network card:

At present, there are two main appearance forms of USB wireless network cards, namely: box type and U disk type. Box-type USB wireless cards all come with a data extension cable, mostly with an exposed antenna, which makes it easier to place on a desktop.

U disk type USB wireless card generally has a data extension cable, its USB connector can also be directly connected to the computer’s USB interface, U disk type USB wireless card antenna are built-in, so it is inconvenient to adjust the direction of the antenna. In comparison, the U disk type network card is more compact and convenient.

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