Burpsuite penetration testing tool

5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing tools

5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing tools. Here are 5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing software Wi-Fi8.CN.

Readers will be able to understand the features of these tools and their capabilities.

Hacking experts and penetration testers have become well-established professions in the information security market. Since many companies are now active only on the Internet, the demand for such expert services is growing exponentially every year.Kali Linux uses the laptop's built-in wireless card to surf the Internet

Kali Linux uses the laptop’s built-in wireless card to surf the Internet


If you want to learn the basics of ethical hacking, then you should get some good books on the subject. They will help you gain the necessary knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and will be a starting point before using penetration testing tools.

Whether you’re doing a penetration test or just want to protect your network, you should check out the following excellent programs. They are compatible with the Kali Linux operating system.5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing tools

5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing tools


1. Nmap

Nmap is a powerful tool for assessing web application vulnerabilities through network scanning. It allows users to discover open ports and running services and their respective version numbers.

Nmap also has a great scripting engine that can be a very powerful addition to network penetration testing itself when used properly.

5 popular Kali Linux penetration testing tools Wi-Fi8.CN

2. Wireshark penetration testing tool

Wireshark is a popular network analysis and vulnerability finding tool. It is designed for packet scanning and is a favorite of many socket exploit creators.Wireshark penetration testing tool

Wireshark penetration testing tool


With this tool, they want to make sure that their code works as expected. Penetration testers can use Wireshark to troubleshoot potential bugs and glitches in web applications.

3. Burpsuite

Burpsuite is an all-in-one tool for every penetration tester for web application scanning. The “Community Edition” version has a proxy server as well as several other useful utilities such as comparators, repeaters, and sequencers. They will help save time on actual penetration testing.Burpsuite penetration testing tool

Burpsuite penetration testing tool


The paid version of the program is a must-have attribute for specialists who have worked in the field of information security for many years.

4. WPScan

WPScan is a tool developed specifically to find vulnerabilities on WordPress sites. It can determine the version of WordPress, which plugins are used by a given system, and if there are vulnerabilities associated with them.

In addition, WPScan is able to find usernames, brute-force passwords from the admin panel, and, if successful, upload a backdoor that allows the shell to access the victim’s website.


5. Nessus

Nessus is a powerful tool for web system scanning and finding vulnerabilities. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface capable of scanning multiple networks for open ports and security issues simultaneously.



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Cybersecurity Knowledge: What Tools Do Penetration Testing Engineers Need?

Website penetration testing is one of the jobs that cybersecurity professionals are looking forward to at this stage.

Exciting, high in gold and open to everyone.

Whether you are a prospective graduate, a school student, a cybersecurity practitioner, or a group interested in website penetration testing, you only need to have strong key skills to become a website penetration testing project engineer.

So what common tools do website penetration project engineers need?

Kali Linux Penetration Testing Engineer

Kali Linux Penetration Testing Engineer



Wireshark: is a network layer protocol and data file parser that instantly clears network security issues. It is especially suitable if you want to analyze the security implications inherent in information and data shared into tables based on Web applications.

It can collect real-time dynamics from mobile phone Bluetooth, frame relay, Ipsec, Kerberos, IEEE802.11. According to all connections of Ethernet interface, etc., the best function, or the way of analyzing the generation of data, and it is easy to understand.


WVS: is a fully automatic web security detection tool, according to the scanner web link and robots .txt file, project the website layout, fully automatic vulnerability attack to each web page, analyze each web page can enter the area, see the system vulnerability will produce a warning system vulnerability, each warning is with system vulnerability information content and recovery proposals, and there is a special tool for reporting can issue reports.


JohntheRipper: A very popular password cracking tool that is a necessary addition to the penetration testing toolkit.

It can be used to identify unspecified shortcomings in the database system, obtain a sample text identifier based on a list of intricate and popular words from past dictionaries, and encrypt it in the same file format as the login password that has been generated.


AcunetixScanner: is an automated tool that helps with rapid website penetration testing, financial audits, complicated management reports and confusion, addresses many Internet system vulnerabilities, and can also include out-of-band system vulnerabilities.

It has a high detection rate, including more than 4500 defects, in addition to the software includes AcuSensor technology, manual penetration tool embedded system vulnerability detection, can quickly crawl thousands of web pages, and can also work locally or through cloud solutions.

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