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Best WiFi driver+Lenovo laptops can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Best WiFi driver+Lenovo laptops can’t connect to Wi-Fi (Lenovo laptop cannot connect to wireless network), Lenovo laptops wifi driver.

1. Lenovo computer can not connect to the wireless network is generally caused by the wrong connection method, want to connect to the wireless network, first in the open the “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the computer, select to open “Settings”, click on the “Network and lntemet” option, open and find the “WLAN” click to open, select “Show available networks” in the page, the wireless network that can be connected to will pop up in the lower right corner of the computer, select the network you want to connect to, enter the password to use.Lenovo laptop WiFi adapter

Lenovo laptop WiFi adapter – Best WiFi driver


2. It may be that there is a problem with the network settings of the computer, resulting in the connection error, this situation can be found in the “computer network” of the computer Click the “Change Adapter” option, find the disable option to turn off and then turn on. 

If the connection is repeated and the connection is still not successful, check whether some routers have abnormalities, or you can hand them over to professional maintenance personnel for maintenance and inspection.

  • Lenovo laptop can’t connect to wireless network WIFI what’s going on

1. Click the computer’s start menu and click the “Settings” icon in the start menu.

2. Click and select “Network and Internet” in the settings menu.

3. Click on the menu bar on the right to select ‘WLAN’.

4. Now you can see that the WLAN is off, now turn on the switch directly.

5. Now turn on the wireless network switch, click to connect to the network.

6. After the setting is completed, the wireless network is successfully connected.

The solution to Lenovo computer’s Windows 7 can’t connect to wifi is as follows

1. Right-click My Computer, click “Properties”, select “Device Manager” on the left

2. Click “Network adapter”, if there is no driver in the box, please download the driver wizard universal network card version to install the network card driverThe best USB wifi adapter  - wi-fi8.CN

The best USB wifi adapter  – wi-fi8.CN


if you find that the driver is in front of the exclamation point

1. If an exclamation mark appears on the left side of the driver in the box, right-click the adapter to “uninstall”

2. Check Delete driver software. Click “OK”

3. Right-click the network adapter and click “Scan to detect hardware changes” Note: At this time, if the driver no longer appears, please install the driver wizard for driver installation.

  • What’s wrong with Lenovo laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi

1. First see if the network switch of Lenovo laptop is turned on

2. Open your laptop, find the network icon in the lower right corner, and tap the Open Network and Sharing Center option

3. Once on the page, click the Change adapter settings option on the left

4. After entering the adapter page, you can check whether the adapter is disabled, right-click, after the menu appears, click Enable, you can connect to the network at home.

  • Lenovo laptops can’t connect to Wi-Fi

1. Click “Start” – “Windows System” – “Control Panel” and find “Network and Sharing Center”.

2. Then we click on the “Change adapter settings” option.

3. On the “Network Connection” interface, you can see all network connection adapters. Find the wireless network adapter, which is the one that looks like a cell phone signal. Right-click “Enable”.

4. Click the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer to see all the wireless networks that can be connected to the attachment.Wifi adapter - Best WiFi driver+Lenovo laptops can't connect to Wi-Fi

Wifi adapter – Best WiFi driver+Lenovo laptops can’t connect to Wi-Fi


5. Find the wireless network you need to connect to, click “Connect”, enter the password, and you can connect to the wireless network.

  • Why can’t Lenovo laptop connect to the wireless network?

Lenovo laptop can not connect to wifi may be that the “wireless network card” under the “network connection” interface is not turned on, if it is turned off, there is no WiFi connection; Check the side of the notebook for a “hard switch” that controls the wireless network.

The system also has soft switches (such as Fn key + wireless network shortcut key, wireless network deactivation, etc.).

Also, check whether the driver is installed normally through System Manager. If it is in an abnormal state of use, you can search for it yourself.

Causes and solutions for a user’s computer not connecting to wifi

1. If the notebook cannot connect to Wifi, you should first enter the device manager to see whether the network adapter, the built-in wireless network card driver of the notebook is normal, and whether the wireless network is disabled.

If the network card driver is not installed properly, the wireless network card will not be found here or there will be a yellow exclamation mark on it.

2. If the WiFi driver is fine, you can enter the network adapter to see the wireless network properties and other information.

To do this, right-click on the “Network icon” in the lower right corner, then click “Open Network and Sharing Center”, and then click to enter the “Change adapter settings” on the left.

The main thing is to see the status of the wireless network and other information.

If the computer is plugged into the network cable, the wireless network is not used by default, you can unplug the network cable plugged into the computer, if wireless is turned on, it will automatically switch to the wireless option.Fix Lenovo Wi-Fi Not Working in Windows 10  -  Best WiFi driver

Fix Lenovo Wi-Fi Not Working in Windows 10  –  Best WiFi driver


3. For most of the people who encounter the problem of not being able to connect to this network, mainly laptop users, use wireless networks.

When the connection to other wireless networks is normal, but a wireless network cannot be connected normally, this problem is mainly caused by the router’s Wifi wireless password has been changed.

4. You can forget this wireless network first, then reconnect, and enter the new Wifi password to connect successfully;

In addition, you can directly modify the Wifi password of the current connection, or connect the network cable to the laptop and the router, and then enter the router settings, modify the wireless network SSID name, and restart it after completion.

  • Lenovo laptop wireless network connection is not available

If the Lenovo notebook can not connect to yy, you look at what the reason, is not know the account password or account password is wrong, this is definitely not possible, if the account password is correct to connect still not good, you need to check the network settings on the laptop, you open the setting properties, and then set the DNS and IP address all well, and then click OK on it.

  • What should I do if my Lenovo laptop cannot connect to the wireless network?

1. Check whether the router at home is operating normally, whether the deacon signal light on the wifi is green, if it turns into a red light, or does not light up, then try to restart the router.

2. Check whether the WiFi switch is turned on. Some laptops will have a hardware switch for the wireless network.

If it is off, it can be turned on. Of course, laptops also have shortcuts to control wireless networks.

We can check if the F function key on the computer has a WiFi icon or airplane mode. The edit is F5. Press FN F5 to start the wireless network.

  • Lenovo laptops WiFi not working

1. If it is a broadband problem, first connect directly to the broadband network cable test, if it is a broadband problem, contact broadband customer service to solve.

2. If it is a problem with the router, if it can be used, it can not be used temporarily, my own practice is to cut off the power of the router in the plug, and I will see later.

In there is to restore the factory settings, from the new strict according to the manual settings can be used, do not understand, do not recommend their own arbitrary settings (this is under the premise of the correct physical connection, sometimes the router IP address is slow or failed, not that the router is broken).

If it can not always be solved, it is recommended to call the customer service of the router, they have telephone online guidance, I encounter a problem that I cannot solve myself, it is very useful to consult the advice they give, they will give correct suggestions for your settings or operation.

3. If the wireless switch is turned off, if it is a wireless connection with software, the software is not good to use and often has problems is very normal, there is no better way, use a router.

In addition, it is caused by the absence or inappropriateness of the network card driver, whether there is a problem with the network cable interface or network cable, etc.How To Add FREE VPN On WINDOWS 10



When installing the WiFi driver, be sure to check whether the installation path is correct.

4. If it is caused by system problems, it is recommended to restore the system or reinstall.

1. The WiFi itself is a problem, which may not be connected normally, resulting in the inability to access the Internet.

2. Router problems, the router may overheat or be damaged.

3. There may be arrears in broadband fees, resulting in no Internet access.

4. The WiFi name contains Chinese, which causes some mobile phones to be unable to connect to the Internet.

5. Tablet system problems, there may be a problem with the system, resulting in connecting to WiFi but unable to access the Internet.


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