pcie wifi card price in bd

How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card?

How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card? What is the difference between a USB network card and a PCIe network card?

The former is mainly portable, and the latter highlights performance.

First, different interfaces and different protocols

First of all, it is natural to distinguish between protocols, USB network cards go USB protocol, generally using USB Type- A interface type. Works on most computers.PCIE WiFi adapter

How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card?


PCIe network cards can only be used in the motherboard PCIex1 slot. Available for desktop consoles only.

Second, the installation aspect

Naturally, the USB network card is more aspect, and the drive-free version is plug-and-play. The PCIe network card needs to be plugged into the motherboard and needs to be installed in the case.

Therefore, if the PCIe network card is generally recommended to be safe when it is installed, saving subsequent repetitive work.

pcie WiFi card price

How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card?


Although it is easy to install, in terms of performance, the USB network card speed is generally not as good as the PCIe network card, and the stability is also PCIe network card better.

However, USB network cards are generally cheaper, but some special Linux systems may not be available if they do not have drivers to support.pcie wifi card price in bd - How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card?

pcie wifi card price in bd – How to choose WiFi6 USB wireless card and PCIe card?


In general, the advantages and disadvantages of USB network card and PCIe network card are obvious, easy to use to choose USB network card, want to get a better experience, such as often need to often use WIFI to play games, then honestly choose PCIe network card, save often delay disconnection and other situations to engage in mentality.

Third, advantages and disadvantages

1. Types and advantages and disadvantages of wireless network cards

To choose a wireless network card, the first step is to understand the types of wireless network cards. The most common and simplest installation on the market is the USB wireless network card, which looks similar to a U disk, and there are also external antennas, which are similar to a U disk, plug and play; In addition, the PCI-E wireless card, which is a little more troublesome to install, needs to be plugged into the PCI-E slot of the graphics card.

USB wireless network card, as the name suggests, is a wireless network card installed on the USB interface, which is very convenient to use and cheap.pcie adapter

pcie WiFi adapter


However, due to the size and interface limit the performance of the network card, the stability is not good, especially in terms of heat dissipation, high-speed download often heats up seriously, further affects its performance, slows down and even causes disconnection, and there is no particularly high-end model to choose from, but the signal with an external antenna is slightly better.

However, it is still enough for most people, after all, the vast majority of people’s requirements are to browse the web, watch movies, listen to songs and so on, and the requirements are not high.

If you download frequently, or play games, and have high requirements for latency and stability, USB wireless cards are not recommended.

In addition, choose a USB wireless network card, but also pay attention to the USB interface has 2.0 and 3.0, although the 3.0 transmission rate is faster, but there is interference with the 2.4G signal.

PCI-E wireless network card use, need to be inserted in the graphics card PCI-E slot of the network card, the installation is slightly complicated, but the advantage is through the CPU, in the network transmission rate, delay is better than USB network card, the general high-performance wireless network card choose this interface mode, of course, the price is more expensive.pcie WiFi card

However, if it is directly inserted on the network card, the antenna can only be behind the chassis, and the general position of the chassis is a corner, and the signal may be blocked, in this case, an external extension cable of the antenna can be added to ensure the signal quality.

However, with the advent of the USB wireless card of the WiFi6 standard, this difference is shrinking infinitely.

Even, now we can say that the WiFi6 USB wireless card is lighter, more portable, and powerful enough, so why not?

WiFi6 USB wireless adapter vs PCIe network card:

In the environment of particularly poor wireless network, the performance of the two network cards is no different, the general PCIE network card with antenna so the signal is slightly better, but it is not reflected in the home environment, it is recommended to buy USB.

PCIE can only be used for desktop computers, but its antenna is large, and the card is powered from the PCIE slot, which runs stably, and works more stably than USB under weak signal conditions.pcie card

But PCIE is not as convenient as USB installation. It’s not a big problem, the main thing is that USB is more convenient to use alternately between different computers, one plug and plug, and PCI needs to be shut down and disconnected to remove the chassis.

Therefore Wi-Fi8.CN it is recommended that you buy a USB wireless WiFi adapter, and it is not recommended to buy a PCIE card.


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