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WiFi5 Do you want to change to WiFi6?

WiFi5 Do you want to change to WiFi6? Gigabit Internet at home. The computer plugs in the light cat, and the speed measurement shows eight or nine hundred.

But downloading American dramas is only tens of megabytes per second, which is less than a hundred.

WiFi5 Do you want to change to WiFi6? Do you want to use a WiFi6 router at home?

WiFi5 router, used for more than two years, mobile phone test wireless run six or seven hundred, change WiFi6 routing can improve the experience?WiFi7 tech - WiFi5 Do you want to change to WiFi6? Do you want to use a WiFi6 router at home?

WiFi7 tech – WiFi5 Do you want to change to WiFi6? Do you want to use a WiFi6 router at home?


The phone supports WiFi6. The TV is WiFi5.

Uses: don’t play much games, mainly download American dramas, watch TV series and watch videos, etc.,

Acute, download should be fast, jump plot buffer should be fast.

It is still recommended to replace the router, for gigabit bandwidth, replacing the router from WIFI5 to WIFI6 will have a significant improvement in the wireless experience.

The optical modem test is 8900M, indicating that it is gigabit bandwidth.

If you want to run the full gigabit bandwidth, you can only choose the router of WIFI6, and then match the terminal that supports WIFI6, mobile phone or computer, and the distance between the terminal and the router is appropriate, in order to negotiate the wireless speed of more than gigabit, coupled with the attenuation of wireless, you can generally run to a bandwidth of more than 800M.

WIFI 6 router price

WIFI6 routers, priced from $43.68 to $145.60, can be chosen according to your needs and budget.

At the same time, WIFI6 routers support MESH networking, which can combine multiple routers into a logical network. It is convenient for large houses to be networked. Ruijie X32 PRO Ruijie is a traditional network manufacturer, the main products are enterprise-level routers, switches, wireless products, etc.

Ruijie X32 PRO is Ruijie’s first home WIFI6 router, 2.4G and 5G support 4*4 MIMO, a total of 8 spatial streams, support 80Hz.

8 independent FEM chips (signal amplifiers) and 8 foldable external independent antennas are used. In home routers, models with 8 antennas are very rare, 8 independent antennas.

4 x 2.4G antennas, 4 x 5G antennas for better wireless coverage. The maximum speed of 2.4G wireless is 800Mbps, and the maximum speed of 5G wireless is 2400Mbps. 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports.WiFi 7

WiFi 7


Physical mesh buttons. CPU is MTK 7622B, dual-core 1.35GHz, using WeChat mini programs, web pages, APP for router management, router system settings are rich in selection, diverse functions, sensitive settings, modify settings basically without restarting, configuration items are many, for users with technology, love tossing users are very friendly, for users with less network requirements, simple configuration of Internet settings can be, multiple routers, can be carried out in the form of physical buttons for one-click mesh. Ruijie router is relatively rich in functions. Relative to Xiaomi, TPLINK’s router. Higher playability.

Ruijie wireless router, Gigabit home WiFi6 router $59.00.

Ruijie Star Shine M32 If you like a router with a built-in antenna, you can choose this one. REJET STAR M32 IS A MESH ROUTER WITH BUILT-IN ANTENNA AND BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE.

The antenna is set to rare, horizontal and stereoscopic biaxial architecture antenna, in addition to the horizontal coverage of conventional routers, enhance vertical wireless coverage, stereoscopic wireless coverage, basically is the router centered on the spherical, in the duplex floor, villa wireless coverage, wireless network, has great advantages, in the vertical direction has better coverage.

PHYSICAL MESH BUTTON, CAN BE ONE-CLICK NETWORKING. The CPU is MTK’s MT7622BV, dual-core 1.35GHz, memory 256MB, flash memory 16MB, 2.4G and 5G both support 4*4 MIMO, a total of 8 spatial streams, support 80Hz.WiFi 6E vs wifi 7

WiFi 6E vs wifi 7


Using 8 independent FEM chips (signal amplifiers), the maximum speed of 2.4G wireless is 800Mbps, and the maximum speed of 5G wireless is 2400Mbps. 1 WAN port and 3 LAN ports.

Support WeChat mini program, independent APP for router management, can use WeChat mini program, is a feature, most routers need to download special APP.

Wireless setting options are abundant, among which the ability to set roaming sensitivity is an advantage, which can better optimize and improve wireless roaming results.

It can release an independent SSID for smart home use, which is convenient for smart home device connection, and smart home devices will not affect the normal use of wireless by family members.

The APP supports children’s online guardianship, limits the online time of children’s devices, and can also restrict online games, videos and other applications, so that children can focus on online lessons.

Reduce the administrative burden on parents. You can turn an old printer into a cloud printer to realize remote printing on mobile phones.

Router chip – professional gaming router

Redmi AX6000 Redmi AX6000 uses MTK’s MT7986A CPU, quad-core 2.0GHz, 12nm process, and has better calorific control.

The memory is 512MB of DDR4 (memory speed is higher), 128MB of flash memory, 2.4G supports up to 8 OFDMA users, and 5G supports up to 16 OFDMA users. The RF chip for 5G is MT7976AN, which supports 4x4MIMO and has a maximum 5G speed of 4804Mbps at 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM.

The power amplifier chip for 5G is RTC66568. The 2.4G has four FEM chips, the model is RTC66266, and the maximum speed of 2.4G is 1147Mbps.WiFi 7 router 2023 -   WiFi5 vs WiFi6 vs wifi7

WiFi 7 router 2023 –   WiFi5 vs WiFi6 vs wifi7


1 WAN port and 3 LAN ports. There is no 2.5G network port, and it supports port aggregation function, giving Xunyou and Qiyou 90 days of game acceleration experience each.

The price is $14.56 cheaper than the esports version. The wireless performance of the Redmi AX6000 is relatively eye-catching, the signal strength is good, and the heat control is very good.

It is a very competitive option within $72.81. Xiaomi Redmi router AX6000 2.0GHz quad-core high performance.

GAMEING AX5400 ASUS’s AX5400, support 4*4 160MHZ, 5G speed can reach 4800Mbps, ASUS’s AX5400 has strong performance, rich firmware, and game acceleration, dual WAN ports, port aggregation and other functions.

The main game e-sports experience, can be for the game scenario, priority packet forwarding, further reduce the game delay, reduce the game packet loss, enhance the stability of the game, give NetEase UU premium members for 40 days, through UU, to achieve overseas game acceleration business, professional game accelerator.

The CPU model is Broadcom BCM6750, triple-core 1.5GHz, integrated 2.4G, support 802.11ax, at 40MHz bandwidth, 2x2mimo can reach a wireless connection rate of 574Mbps. Memory 512MB. Flash 256MB.


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