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Which WiFi 7 router is the best to use?

Which WiFi 7 router is the best to use? I have been in charge of broadband business in operators for 8 years, and I have experienced the upgrading from WIFI4 to WIFI6, and I still have more say.

Which WiFi 7 router is the best to use?

First of all, WIFI7 will take at least 2-3 years to really have a product. That is, in 2023, WiFi7 routers will appear on the market one after another.WiFi Card - Which WiFi7 router is the best to use?

WiFi Card  – Which WiFi7 router is the best to use?


Not long ago, a WiFi7 router was released, which is “Netgear’s first WiFi 7 ultra-low latency gaming router”.

For WiFi 7 routers, it should be noted that WiFi7 routers came out, not popularization, just like WIFI6 routers appeared in 2019, but the price was extremely high, and it was only 2 years later in 2021 that it went to the public.

Such a cycle, there is no need to wait, buy a WIFI6 router, can fully meet the next 2-3 years of use. Secondly, you can experience the experience brought by WIFI7 if you do not buy a WIFI 7 router.

PCIe WiFi Card vs usb adapter

PCIe WiFi Card vs usb adapter


To fully experience WIFI7 technology, not only to buy WIFI7 router, the computer needs to be equipped with WIFI7 network card, the mobile terminal needs to support WIFI7 protocol, but also the most important point: the experience from WIFI4 to WIFI6 has been greatly improved, and the broadband speed has a lot to do with it, if you have been using 100M-200M, no matter how good the router, the experience has not changed.

Finally, the frequency band corresponding to WIFI7 still needs to wait for approval in China.vpn issues

vpn issues


At present, the 6GHz frequency band used by WIFI6E has not actually been approved in China, in this case, the market generally does not launch products that use this as a buying point.

Therefore, for the above 3 reasons, WIFI 7 routers do not need to wait at all. For now, WIFI6 has only begun to be popularized on a large scale, WIFI6E is still on the road waiting for popularization, and it is too early to talk about the purchase of WIFI 7 routers.

Instead of waiting for the WIFI7 router, it is better to choose a high-quality WIFI6 router and replace it with the popularity of WIFI7. Combined with my work experience, I recommend several WIFI6 routers that do not step on pits.Best WiFi Hacking Adapters in 2023 (Kali Linux Parrot OS)

Best WiFi Hacking Adapters in 2023 (Kali Linux Parrot OS)


Huawei Router AX3 Pro Gigabit Router Wireless Router wifi6+$60.00From 2) ASUS TUF GAMING AX5400: As ASUS’s latest WIFI6 router, ASUS in the high-end user reputation needless to say, this main application scenario is games, whether it is terminal games, mobile games or console games, can give you a better experience, exclusive e-sports port, built-in game accelerator, intelligent game priority processing, AIMesh 2.0 intelligent networking, as well as cool game concept appearance, are to highlight its optimization for games, of course, game scenes can be copied, daily home use is not a problem, brand requirements and game lovers, can consider this model.pcie WiFi card

pcie WiFi card


Asus (ASUS) TUF GAMING AX5400 full gigabit gaming gaming router JD $130.00 to buy 6) TP-LINK XTR10890 Yizhan Turbo version (dual 10G port): It is still TPLINK that took the lead and was the first to launch a real WIFI6E router in the domestic market.

How to tell if it really supports WIFI6E? The core point is to support the 6GHz band, most of the super WIFI6 and WIFI6 enhanced routers currently advertised on the market only support some features of WIFI6E, while the most core 6GHz frequency band does not support.best wifi 7 router 2023 - Netgear's first Wi-Fi 7 router

best wifi 7 router 2023 – Netgear’s first Wi-Fi 7 router


Of course, in addition to supporting the 6GHz frequency band, other configurations are the highest configuration at this stage, 10,000 Gigabit network port, support custom ports (support optical fiber), up to 1G DDR4 memory, and special design appearance, so that it is equipped with a router with a price of $435.00, top players are worth buying.

1) TPLINK XDR3010 Easy Edition: As TP-LINK‘s latest cost-effective WIFI6 router, the biggest feature is that it supports 160MHz bandwidth, which is called “full blood” version, if the mobile terminal also supports 160MHz bandwidth, more than 500M broadband rate, the actual speed measurement will be significantly improved compared to those that do not support this technology.Top 5 Best PCIe WiFi Card for Fast Internet Connection

Top 5 Best PCIe WiFi Card for Fast Internet Connection


Of course, as a $29.00 price router, high performance is not what it pursues, based on TPLINK years of technology precipitation, stability is guaranteed, support complete WIFI6 protocol, support port aggregation and dual WAN port access, 4 independent signal amplifiers, but also support Yizhan technology, can be with different models of TP routers MESH networking, very flexible.

For daily Internet needs, 2-3 years is completely sufficient.

TP-LINK AX3000 full blood WiFi6 gigabit wireless router 5G dual-band game JD $39.00 to buy 1) Huawei AX3 Pro: Huawei’s highest reputation router, with Huawei’s efforts, finally resumed normal supply, of course, the price is still higher than when it was first listed, the biggest feature of this version launched again is to support the Harmony system touch networking, and there is a more interesting function, visual intelligent diagnosis.

Other configurations are the same as in the early days, support WIFI6, support 160MHz, the highest wireless rate is 3000M, like Huawei products can be purchased.


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