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Will WiFi and VPN conflict? VPN and WiFi issues

Will WiFi and VPN conflict? VPN and WiFi issues – Wi-Fi8.CN.  Whether WiFi and VPN conflict or not, the following Wi-Fi8.CN will introduce you.

This article is compiled by the assistant editor of the Wi-Fi8.CN website, mainly introducing the knowledge that WiFi and VPN will conflict, I hope it will have some reference value for you.

Will WiFi and VPN conflict? There is no conflict with the correct answer.Desktop computer laptop wireless USB6 adapter

Desktop computer laptop wireless USB wifi6 adapter


The function of a virtual private network is to establish a private network on a public network for encrypted communication.

It is widely used in enterprise networks. VPN gateways enable remote access through the encryption of packets and the translation of the destination address of the packets.

VPNs are categorized in a variety of ways, mainly by protocol. VPNs can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as servers, hardware, software, etc.

WiFi hotspot refers to the mobile phone’s receiving GPRS, 3G or 4G signal into wifi signal and then sent out, so that the mobile phone becomes a WIFI hotspot. The phone must have a wireless AP function to be used as a hotspot. 

Some systems have the ability to build hotspots. FOR EXAMPLE, IOS (E.G. IPHONE 4).

In the US, 80% of WiFi routers definitely support VPN functionality!

But there is still a small fraction of twenty percent! WiFi router manufacturers restrict the VPN port when they are factory set! But this one is very little. Generally, the restrictions are too much or broadband!

VPN is based on technology on wifi. The above is the main thing about WiFi and VPN conflicts, if it does not solve your problem, please refer to the following article, or search query in Wi-Fi8.CN .

What about wifi and VPN conflicts?

The above Wi-Fi8.CN website editor has already said for you, wifi and VPN do not conflict.

So why can’t I connect to a VPN with WIFI?

Because it is a server, it is often necessary to connect to the company’s server through a VPN to process some events.
However, the last time I connected to a VPN via WIFI in my bedroom, I reported “Error 619: The connection to the remote computer could not be established because the connection for this port was closed”.Desktop computer laptop USB wifi adapter

Desktop computer laptop USB wifi adapter


My first reaction was that the company had restricted the account, such as the IP.

I called and said that there were no such restrictions, and the account had not changed anything (I used this account before).

I suddenly remembered that I couldn’t connect to a VPN when I used my phone as a hotspot during the New Year, but I changed it to a USB connection. Immediately dialed the network cable from the router, connected to the computer, dialed with PPOE, and then connected to the VPN, and it was successful.

Afterwards, I suspected that it was a problem with my wireless card settings, but I didn’t expect any VPN-related settings.

So I turned my attention to my wireless router. Tenda N300, not even VPN support.

I rummaged through the router’s page and didn’t find any VPN-related settings. As a result, I searched the Internet for half a day and finally found an article saying the VPN settings of the router.WiFi8 USB adapter

WiFi8 USB adapter


Set my route as follows, finally OK. You need to restart the router after setup.

Wi-Fi8.CN recommend that when you buy a router and buy WiFi, be sure to ask if there are instructions or WiFi settings video tutorials, preferably a complete video tutorial of WiFi and VPN installation settings.

Solutions to Bluetooth mouse and WiFi conflicts

Description of the problem: Bluetooth mouse movement in Windows is choppy

PC: DELL 2015 NEW XPS 15AC 1300MBPS wireless USB adapter

Mouse: Microsoft Bluetooth Designer Mouse

Operating system: Windows 10

Analysis process:

1. Starting from the objective phenomenon, the mouse is under the Dell notebook, the operating system is Microsoft Windows 10, which is not coherent when moving, and the movement is normal when the WiFi is turned off. A Bluetooth signal and WiFi signal conflict is suspected.

2. Connect the mouse to the Apple MacBook Pro, connect normally under OSX 10.10, and move normally.WiFi8 - Will WiFi and VPN conflict?

WiFi8 – Will WiFi and VPN conflict?


3. Check the Internet, many people say that the Bluetooth signal frequency is 2.45G and the wireless network card 2.4G conflict.

Here’s how to fix it:

Method 1: It is recommended to set the band bandwidth of the wireless network card to 40MHz, choose the channel that does not conflict with the mouse in channels 1-13, or set 2.4G to 5G to avoid the Bluetooth communication frequency. This does not apply to wireless routers that cannot set up 5G.

And the communication range of 5G is not as far as 2.4G.

Method 2: Enter [Device Manager] [Network Adapter] [… Wireless …], check [Properties] [Advanced] [Bluetooth Collaboration], set the value from Auto to Disabled, you may need to restart your USB WiFi adapter

VPN and wifi adapter


At this point, the problem is solved. In the meantime, refer to the Zhihu post: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the same frequency band, will there be conflicts?

Conclusion: Method 1 is not a good solution, Method 2 is better solved. Wi-Fi8.CN contributors remind you that wifi adapters, wifi routers, and VPNs all follow the instructions or WiFi router setup video.


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